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With an education from VCU's School of Business, a major in Business Marketing and a concentration in Product Development and Management. I was able utilize the skills learned from my academic career, and apply them for the following businesses at both local and national levels.

  • Awarded largest portion of equity for excellence in customer outreach/retention

  • Researched Richmond and national markets to develop business plan, business processes and operations, as well as target market

  • Designed email campaigns with A/B testing

  • Generated 22 transactions within two months of inception, bringing over $10,000 in revenue with $260 FB campaign

  • Designed/prototype mobile app with team with human centered design principles

Haley Auto Group
  • Generated over $2 million in profit with Trucktober campaign

  • Doubled leads generated for used cars with Haley Yes Supercenter campaign, av content and copy were completed within two days

  • Created ad targeting strategy based off national vehicle allocation

  • Filmed video content, developed ad copy, created digital banners for mass media/digital campaigns

  • Coordinated and produced testimonials

  • Participated in weekly market strategy meetings with President, Board of Directors, Comcast, and iHeartRadio reps in order to set bidding and targeting in most effective manners, as well as present KPIs.

  • Collaborated in team environment to develop campaigns, tracking and website layouts

  • Utilized VinSolutions (CRM) to analyze sales funnel, email blasts, and customer response rates (A/B testing)

  • Established/utilized various marketing compliance standards from the various manufacturers

  • Assist with UI and content for website

Enhance Health
  • Manage lead generators and assure compliance for call center of 250 agents

  • Approve and translate creatives

  • Collaborate with other Managers to develop marketing calendar for ACA product launch

  • Provide Media training for VPs

  • Lead national Google campaign and achieved 73% decrease in CPA within 4 weeks

  • Outpaced existing ads with accomplishment driven copy

  • Discover and report trends from $400,000 daily ad spend on over 25 lead vendors

  • Beat industry standard for CTR on national campaigns

  • Manage implementation of call tracking software with landing page and tag management for analytics

  • Utilize Acxiom data for Direct Mail campaign targeting for FEMA SEP areas

Elevation Advertising
  • Move Google Ads Search management in-house

  • Lead agency-wide GA4 migration

  • Design live analytics dashboards for clients

  • Recommended analytics goals to drive campaign performance

  • Optimize Landing Pages with data-driven decisions through a testing schedule

  • Lead repair of broken conversion tracking due to I-frame issues

  • Recommend optimizations and develop A/B testing schedules

  • Develop and present marketing reports to clients

  • Develop and present copy and keyword strategies

  • Investigate key trends for planning.

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